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by | 11th, November 2005

‘GIVE the police more powers! Let ‘em lock suspect up for 90 days!

‘Come on, Kia. We know you’ve got drugs in there…’

Fair enough. But first things first. How about making sure they do their job properly in the first place. How about making sure that when giving a talk to hundreds of children at Butlins, Skegness, they don’t leave drugs in the nippers’ bags?

“HOW DOPEY!” says the Mirror, as it invites 10-year-old Kia Butterfield to hold aloft the packet of speed drugs officers deliberately put in her bag.

It was all such a simple plan. The officers would stand in front of 1,800 children and show them what drugs looked like.

The police would then place said drugs into the children’s bags. Then trained spaniels would sniff them out. The children would clap. The dogs would get a pat and perhaps a tickle. And everyone would go home as euphoric as a teenage clubber.

Only, the dog found just two of the three packets of amphetamine sulphate that had been secreted in Kia’s bags, leaving one behind for her homework.

“I still can’t get my head around this,” says Amanda, Kia’s mum, “an officer gave my daughter a bag of hard drugs.”

She goes on in the Sun to ask: “How could the police make a mistake like that?” Answer: easily.

It’s just a miracle that Kia wasn’t arrested and forced to spend the next 90 days in a home for young offenders…’

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