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Court Of Sessions

by | 11th, November 2005

‘ONLY in the worlds of the Papacy, giant tortoises and politics can middle-aged be termed “young”.

‘Hey, Monica! Over here’

But every now and then someone really young shows us that the other lot are just a bunch of middle aged stiffs who only look youthful because everyone around them is so very ancient.

The Times reports on Michael Sessions. He’s 18-years-old. And he’s just been elected mayor of Hillsdale, Michigan.

Sessions, who ran for office on a budget of $700 and on a pledge to increase the town’s full-time firefighting force from three to four, is the youngest elected official in America.

His campaign saw off the challenge from 51-year-old Doug Ingles, who said of his challenger: “How much credibility does an 18-year-old have.”

Sessions might not have the experience, but at 18, he’s also less likely to have hypocrisy and any number of skeletons in his closet…’

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