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Changing Rooms

by | 14th, November 2005

‘HELLO! might have had the “first major interview” with Sadie Frost since her divorce (see Anorak “Never Sa-Die”), but it is OK! that gives us Sadie: “MY FIRST AND ONLY INTERVIEW INSIDE MY HOME.”

Frost – as we have come to know her

Doubtless more exclusives will follow. And we will soon be treated to Sadie’s first interview in the garden, first ever interview at a bus-stop in Cheam and first ever interview from the third cubicle in the Ladies convenience at King’s Cross station.

For now, OK! has the bragging rights. And aside from the home, there is much else promised on its front page. Whammy: “I REVEAL FOR THE FIRST TIME THE REAL REASON JUDE LEFT ME.” Double whammy: “THE TRUTH ABOUT MY BEST FRIEND KATE MOSS.” Treble whammy: “THAT LESBIAN ROMP!”

So let’s go through the keyhole into Sadie’s new home in London’s Primrose Hill, that enclave of celebrity where everyone knows your name – the name of your children, the name of your new movie and the name of any pets or staff you might have.

It’s a nice enough apartment, all large expanses of stripped wood floor, glass panelling on the landing and orangey uplighting. As befitting Sadie’s fashion designer status, her home looks like it been done up by the people who do the fit-outs for up-market high-street stores.

You half expect to see Coleen McLoughlin emerge from a door in the wall of frosted glass-fronted wardrobes, hand Sadie a pair of black trousers and ask if she has them in a size 12.

Perhaps making chez Frost look like a fashion store will enable Kate Moss to feel at home when she comes over.

Kate is godmother to Sadie’s daughter Iris. And OK! wants to know if Sadie’s going to throw her pal a homecoming tea party, serving herbal tea and organic food. Is she? “No,” says Sadie. “It’s rubbish.”

What about the stories about Sadie and some girl pals being “more than just friends”? It’s all “utter tabloid rubbish”. And Sadie’s reasons for splitting with Jude Law? “I think it was a combination of very stressful events,” says Sadie. Such as? “…being apart for long periods of time, my post-natal depression and moving house.” Not rubbish, then? But… But nothing. Sadie says it’s “personal”.

Much like her taste in home devour – even if it is a look shared by the likes of Joseph, Chanel, Harvey Nichols, Mr Byrite…’

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