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by | 16th, November 2005

‘“IS this the most miserable town in Britain?” asks the Mail in the latest missive in its “CHRISTMAS KILLJOYS” campaign.

‘Whadya mean fire hazard?!’

Not having been to every town in the country we can’t be too sure. But if the story is right and Christmas has been banned, Havant, Hampshire, must be a pretty glum place.

Not that the town has banned Christmas altogether. Children should still find a Satsuma in their Christmas sock on Christmas morning and the family will feast on a roast bird stuffed with chestnuts, hydrogenated fat and the new H5N1 flavour enhancer.

It’s just that the town’s lights are no longer known as Christmas lights. The local council has decreed that the illuminations in Havant’s Meridian shopping centre are now part of the area’s “Festival of Lights”.

The intention is to prevent the lights offending non-Christians. But local council leader David Gillet – who was alone in voting against the decision (Express) – is unimpressed. “It’s Christmas and these are Christmas lights,” says he. “I don’t see any sense in denying this.” It is nothing less than “political correctness gone absolutely barmy”.

And non-Christians seem to agree. The Express, which lambastes the “politically correct commissars” behind the move, hears from Anil Bhanor, of the Hindu Council UK. “This sounds totally crazy to me,” says he. “The Festival of Lights is a Hindu festival, there is no need to remove the word Christmas.”

So not only has the council banned Christmas but its adopted the title of a Hindu celebration for its own ends.

And this is not all. As the Sun reports (“COUNCIL’S OUTLAWED OUR XMAS”), Santa has been sacked from appearing at the town’s Meridian shopping centre. He’s a fire risk.

Although surely a flaming Santa would add to the sense of occasion – a new attraction at this so-called festival of light..?’

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