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by | 17th, November 2005

‘SLOW news day? Omar Bakri can’t be reached on the phone? No Government legislation to champion. Footballer not caught in sex shame scandal with saucy stunna? What you need to fill the space in your newssheet is a campaign.

You’re welcome to Wolverhampton

And, as usual, in a time of emergency when pages must be filled the Sun begins a crusade. Having in recent weeks stamped out violence against animals, saved the 90-day terror bill and put an end to domestic violence (see the paper’s Rebekah Wade) it wants YOU! to join the “BATTLE TO SAVE OUR CHRISTMAS”.

The Sun needs you to “stop politically–correct Scrooges killing off Christmas”. The Sun is “hitting back” at the likes of Havant Borough Council who, as we told you yesterday, have renamed the town’s Christmas display the Festival of Lights so as not to offend non-Christians.

The councillors have also banned Santa and his nylon beard and red robes from the local shopping centre because he’s a fire hazard.

So get behind the “CRIMBO” (Christmas-Must-Be-Observed) campaign. And you can join in the fun by grassing up a killjoy. “Is Scrooge trying to ruin Christmas for you in your community?” asks the paper. “If you want The Sun to serve a CRIMBO on the misery-guts, let us know by phone, email or fax.”

And you can also do it by letter. Ever-knowing and understanding of its readers’ needs and limits, the Sun has prewritten this missive for them.

Readers are invited to insert the killjoys name above the message: “This order decrees that from this day forth the offender must observe Christmas and all its associated festivities. Failure to comply shall constitute contravention of the Yuletide Act (2005) and will result in immediate and extensive public ridicule without further notification.”

All very worthy and noble, we are sure. And while notices are served on the Chief Rabbi, the Dali Lama and Havant town council, the Sun might like to realise that its campaign is over before it’s begun. As the Express reports: “Asian councillor brings Christmas back to Britain.”

Councillor Elias Mattu saw the new lights in Wolverhampton and noticed that the message ‘Happy Christmas’ had been replaced with ‘Welcome’.

Mattu went to find out why this change had occurred. He confronted the powers that be and was told that the message had been altered so as not to offend ethnic minorities. So Mattu, who is a Punjabi Christian, went to ask some minorities what they thought. He spoke with Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. And he discovered that no-one had a problem with the traditional Christmas message. The lights were duly restored.

“I have a message for other councils that have taken these decisions,” says Mattu. “If we believe in equality and good race relations we should accept other people’s faiths.”

Even if the likes of the Sun want everyone to celebrate Christmas, or else…’

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