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A Walker On Part

by | 17th, November 2005

‘FROM British royalty, we move now to the American strain. And take a look at the Bush clan, the family that rules American with an iron fist, a hanging chad and an oily smile.

Texas royalty

This week, we get to gaze upon the vision of perky blonde Waspishness that is Ashley Walker Bush.

That’s some name. Firstly, we are forced to note that Ashley is an Ashley and not an Ashlee. Secondly, she has the second name Walker, like her uncle George. Little did we suspect that Walker was a unisex name, like Leslie, Jude and Vivien.

And we cannot help but wonder that this is some kind of heavy handed attempt to give the Bush family a touch of gravitas, a certain respectability.

See how they are changed. No longer are they the swaggering, gung-ho, rich-‘n’-dumb Bush’s but the Anglicised Walker Bush’s of Texas, or Texarse, as it will soon be known. The ranch-owning nouveau riche aim to become landed gentry old money.

And as befitting the ways of old Europe, Ashley is preparing for her debut at the Crillon Ball. Named after the hotel in Paris where the ball is hosted. Ashley will be in attendance with Prince Ashley Poniatowski, the grandson of ex-French Interior Minister Prince Michael Poniatowski.

It promises to be one helluva do. And preparations are already moving on a pace. Ashley has been walking for quite some time, getting into her stride for the catwalk-style presentation by each debutante.

And she’s got a dress, which she won’t show us. “The dress is my favourite part,” says Ashley. And it will be accessorised with a tiara – a kind of mini-crown for fledgling royalty…’

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