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by | 18th, November 2005

‘PRINCE Charles is not getting any younger. At 57, Charles is a year older than King George VI was when he died in 1952.

‘Can I play?’ ‘So long as the saddle fits, I don’t see why not’

It’s best Charles takes as few chances as possible. Queen Elizabeth might be approaching her 80th birthday, but she shows no visible signs of failing health.

If Charles is to survive long enough to sit on the throne for even as long as Lady Jane Grey’s nine days, he should start thinking about slowing down.

So it’s out with the extreme jam making, consorting with cacti and the edgy watercolours and in with taking it easy. And if that means no more polo playing, then so be it.

As the Express says (“Charles chukkas it in”), after 50 years in the saddle, the heir to the throne is hanging up his mallet.

Once ranked as one of the top 10 polo players in Britain – a lofty title up there with his being one of the country’s top 10 princes – giving the sport up will surely be a wrench for Charles.

The sport is full of memories for him. It was at a polo match in 1970 that he met the love of his life, the fragrant Camilla. And the pair were famously pictured chatting together at a polo match in 1975.

And running into Camilla wasn’t Charles’s only polo-related accident. In August 2001, he was knocked out when his horse threw him. In 1990, he broke his right arm in a fall.

In 1980, he was thrown and kicked during a match at Windsor, a prang that left him with a rakish two-inch scar on his cheek.

And then there’s the time Charles was hit in the throat and rendered mute for 10 silent days.

Better to quit the field now, perhaps, than to risk life and limb. As a Clarence House spokesman tells us: “He felt the time was right. He decided to bow out gracefully, but regretfully.”

And while he can still straighten back up…’

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