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Racy Stacey

by | 18th, November 2005

‘“GET A ROOM,” orders the Sun’s front page. “EastEnder Stacey in hotel corridor romp.”


Surely not. EastEnder Stacey rutting like a footballer in a hotel? Never! Not EastEnder Stacey…

But the Sun has pictures. Admittedly, you have to really strain your eyes to make out what’s going on in the front-page picture taken by CCTV cameras at the five-star London Carlton Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

Were it not for a hotel insider on hand to tell us that “Stacey and the bloke really [were] going for it hammer and tongs in the corridor”, we might form the impression that the grainy images are of someone getting ice, or of the Loch Ness Monster.

But the insider and the Sun (“Cor! Tasty Stacey is racy with matey in a public place-y”) let’s us know what is really occurring on the 18th floor.

“She was dressed in a black frock with fur trim,” says the insider breathlessly, “and stockings and suspenders. The guy had a massive grin on his face both before and after the deed.”

But what about during? There are gaps in this testimony. And we can only wonder who this lad was with EastEnder Stacey, aka soap actress Lacey Turner.

“Do you know Lacey’s lover?” asks the paper. “If you do you can call the Sun’s newsdesk. The paper would love to hear from you.

Although since the image could be that of just about any man, woman or beast, corroborating evidence may be required to claim your reward. A lock of Stacey’s hair should do it, or some ice…’

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