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by | 18th, November 2005

‘HOLD your fire!

At least the vultures will save on the funeral expenses

That sedge warbler hasn’t just flown in from Eurasia, where it picked up a few baguettes, some cheap wine and avian bird flu. It’s not been anywhere.

As the Times says, lazy birds are choosing to stay put rather than migrate.

It seems the unprecedented numbers of warblers, chiffchaffs and goldcrests are electing to winter in Blighty rather than risk life and limb on a flight to warmer climes.

The paper says that whereas in the 1970s it was rare to see a blackcap, nowadays you can’t move for the things. There are estimated to be thousands of them here.

But why are they here? Sure Britain is a great place to be. And chiffchaffs have not yet made it onto the menu of some of our more cutting-edge eateries. But the main reason is climate change.

Britain is getting warmer. And the UK will soon be home to all manner of exotic creatures.

Not to mention the huge biting insects they feast upon…’

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