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by | 19th, November 2005

‘THERE’S safety in numbers. That’s why the papers love them. Here are some things we learned last week…

3 – China confirmed its first three human cases of bird flu. Two of the three people have died

4.20 – The average child gets £4.20 a week in pocket money

10 – Welsh rugby fan Geoffrey Huish took ten minutes to celebrate Wales’s defeat of England in last year’s Six Nations Championship by sawing off his testicles with a pair of blunt wire cutters. “I’d told my pal Gethin Probert before the game that Wales didn’t stand a chance. It wasn’t a bet, but I said I’d cut my balls off if we won.” Geoffrey had listened to game on the radio on his own

24 – Government figures show female convictions for speeding have risen 24 per cent over the last five years; the number of men prosecuted has fallen by 14 per cent

£58.36 – Prince William will be paid £58.36 a day when he starts his Army training. Prince Harry, who, unlike his brother, doesn’t have a degree, gets just £36.92 a day

85 – The remains of Gigantopithecus Blackii, aka the real King Kong, found in Guangxi province, China, point to an animal 10ft tall and weighing 85 stone

109 – Henry Allingham, aged 109, Britain’s oldest citizen paid tribute to fallen comrades from the First World War

175 – Hatched in 1830 and reputedly collected from the Galapagos islands by Charles Darwin, Harriet the giant tortoise celebrated her 175th birthday

200 – The I’m A Celebrity camp covers 200 acres and cost £7million to build.

£25,000 – Andy Savage shoplifted 36 items for his exhibition called Stolen White Goods. The show at Birmingham’s Ikon gallery was paid for by a £25,000 grant from the Arts Council

37,000 – Pupils at City Academy in Lawrence Hill, Bristol, earned £37,000 from the school for hitting or surpassing their target GCSE grades as part of the school’s “achievement and incentives” scheme

57,500 – A brawl started by Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Stavros Niarchos saw the Greek playboy charged £57,500 for damage at Las Vegas’s Hard Rock hotel

62,000 – A mystery buyer paid £62,000 at auction for the world’s biggest truffle, weighting 2lb 10ooz

180,000 – Camilla and Charles’s US tour cost the taxpayer 180,000

935.000 – Of all the MPs William Hague earns the most., pulling in £935,000 last year, as decaled in the Register of Members’ Interests

1.5m – The number of homeless families in England and Wales has more than doubled to 101,030 since 1997

9,000,000 – Mohammad Hejazi, head of Iran’s Islamic militia, said that on Nov 26 nine million militiamen will form a human chain along the county’s 5,000 miles of borders in a show of force against international pressure on the country’s atomic programme

15m – Gary Barlow says he earned 15million from his time in Take That. He still has it

6bn – Scientists estimate that a bad diet costs the NHS estimates 6bn every year. Says Dr Mike Mayner of Oxford University: “The Government could look at tax increases on unhealthy food and banning adverts on junk food, certainly those aimed at children”

700,000,000 – The European Court of Auditors refused to endorse the EU’s £70bn spending for the eleventh year running’

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