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Slim Pickings

by | 21st, November 2005

‘WHO says you never see models eat?

‘Je suis a mo-del’

Take a look at Caprice. Not only is the Californian-born model in a restaurant, but she’s sitting in front of a plate.

Admittedly, Caprice does seem a little uncertain – it’s not everyone who uses their plate as a coaster for their drinking glass.

But Caprice is not called Caprice for nothing, and if she wants to put her dink on her food plate, then so be it.

And that’s not all. As we’ve noted, over lunch at the Parisian Le Meurice eatery “Caprice dispelled forever the myth that supermodels don’t eat”.

Sadly we don’t get to see Caprice actually putting a morsel in her mouth. But that might be because she knows it’s rude to talk with her mouth full; and she has much to say.

Before she can munch on the dos de bar au caviar Caprice wants to tell us how much she loves Paris. “I love everything about it,” she oozes like a plate of noix de coquilles Saint Jacques au poelon. “The shops, the food”, the smell of burning automobiles…

Ah, the food? “I watch what I eat but I’ve never seen the point of starving myself to stay super-thin. We all need to splurge every now and then or life would be incredibly dull.”

Indeed. And some of us even splurge a few times in a single day, over periods of unbridled madness called breakfast, lunch and dinner. The British have even been known to be locked in institutions where they splurge on things called seconds, tea and elevenses.

Although Caprice may have missed this part of British culture. You see, though Caprice’s family were French Canadian, she grew up in California. “I never learnt their language [French]. It’s the reason I moved to England.”

Er… Has the food gone to Caprice’s head? Not all of us can be Robert La Salle, Pierre Gaultier de Varennes or Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, but few have mistaken England for France, where French is routinely spoken.

And café et chocolate engorged…’

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