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by | 22nd, November 2005

‘DID you send your list of demands to Santa? Well, get ready to send one again because the Mirror says your letter might not have arrived.

Guaranteed overnight delivery

You see, not all post ends up where it should. Some letters, around 360,000 of them, were posted into a bin by Inderpal Narula and Royston Heaton.

The pair were directors of Mail Logistics, a company that delivered post internationally at a cut price for the Royal Mail.

The Sun says that in order to keep the prices low, Narula and Heaton got an employee to deliver the packages, parcels and letters with a forklift truck to various skips across London. In all, their company delivered 2,700 kilos of post daily over a year in such a fashion.

The idea was to get rich. It’s far cheaper to post a parcel in a skip than send it by plane or boat to the addressee. And it was a pretty good plan. The Mail hears police say the pair could have earned £3million from it.

In one email to Heaton, under the subject heading ‘Millionaires’ Narula bragged: “Millionaires soon in hard cash… you millionaire YOU!’

But people began to complain. They’d not received their post. The Royal Mail investigated. The fraud was uncovered. Narula and Heaton were sent to Southwark Crown Court, and duly found guilty of a single count of conspiracy to defraud. They have been sentenced to two years in choky.

That’s just marvellous. But what of your letters? Presiding over the case, Judge Andrew Goymer said in summing up: “Fraud in the industry is rife, indeed the word endemic was used.”

Which makes us wonder whether your letter to Santa has reached its destination or gone the same way as university degree certificates, exam papers, bank paperwork and reports by the General Medical Council?

So best you resend your letter to Santa. And if you want to be sure he gets it, deliver it yourself. Lapland’s that way…’

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