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by | 23rd, November 2005

‘WHAT do you get the person in your life who already has a Billy the Bass singing fish, a novelty tie and a David Brent ringtone?

To be used by those with no sense of humour

A sense of humour? For sure. But as those socks that play the first three bars of ‘I’m Too Sexy’ show, you can’t buy one of those.

But you could buy a “stars in your cars” Sat Nav system? As the Star reports, Showbiz Sat Nav features celebrity voices giving you directions.

So far only the voice of Homer Simpson is on the system, which “aims to put the fun back into motoring”.

Homer screams “D‘oh” as you makes a wrong turn. Bart helps out by telling you “Don’t have a cow man” as you count down the remaining minutes of your miserable life in a traffic jam.

And that’s not all. As an “insider” tells the Star: “Even if you’re a fan of the posh voices you get on regular devices, ours could still be for you because the Queen could come to your assistance.”

And do not doubt that she would. After all, you two are kindred spirits – she’s got a Billy Bass, too…’

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