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Passing The Baton

by | 24th, November 2005

‘AS any visitor to a major city knows, there is the place on the postcards and that other place where the people not on romantic weekend breaks actually live.

The Olympic pool begins to fill

Those of you planning to visit the 2012 London Olympics should bear this in mind when you book that hotel “a hop, skip and a jump” from the main stadium in London’s east, a draining marathon away from the bright lights, theatre and shopping of the West End.

And the Guardian reports that there could be other things to be wary of.

The Environment Agency has noted that two of London’s major sewage overflow pipes pour their loads into the River Lee close to the site of the stadium and the Olympic village.

The Tideway strategy group has done some sums, looked at the forecasts, stuck its nose into the prevailing winds and found that the chances of these sewage overflows happening during the Olympics is 99.5%.

This sounds pretty grim. But it might all be part of the bigger plan. The Guardian remembers that the London bid promised the “most sustainable Olympics ever”.

So look out for medals made from recycled bottle tops, toilet-shaped swimming pools and the relay race baton looking not too unlike a tampon…’

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