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The Beautiful Peeps

by | 24th, November 2005

‘WHAT do you think of when you hear the name Stavros? Go on. Be honest.

Nice legs, shame about the boat

Does the name conjure up images of a majestic Adonis striding manfully along the deck of his super yacht? Is Stavros playing a game of Baccarat at the casino, gambling impressively large wads?

Or is Stavros standing before a huge iffy looking roll of revolving meat and a picture of Arsenal FC, and saying in fractured English how he is happy to see you “peeps”?

Surely it is this latter image that enters the minds of any British-born persons (including many called Stavros themselves) as they read of Stavros Niarchos.

But Stavros is not big in meat. He’s the 20-year-old son of a Greek shipping billionaire. He’s also the current squeeze of Paris Hilton, a fact that does not go down well with daddy Philip.

According to the Enquirer’s sources, the “heir-head” is not going to get another penny from his dad unless he dumps Paris.

Just like the mum of Hilton’s last lover, who was also called Paris, the bigger Niarchos is not a big fan of the blonde one.

So what will it be? If true, will Stavros keep his inheritance and ditch the skinny one? As our own cock-er-ney Stavros might have out it, will Stavros go for daddy’s boat or Paris’s?’

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