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Browned Off

by | 25th, November 2005

‘AS shocks go the news that Simon Cowell is vain ranks right up there with “Jordan – they’re falsies”, “Ulrika Jonsson sleeps with celeb” and “Posh wears clothes”.

Keep yer hair on, Simon

But there is the news in the Mirror, as the paper relays the opinions of one Louis Walsh, Cowell’s fellow host on TV’s X Factor talent show.

Earlier in the week, Louis went off the programme in a huff after Simon Cowell called him an “idiot” and “bland”, and fellow judge Sharon Osbourne splashed him with three glasses of water for comments he made about her husband Ozzy.

Now Walsh is preparing to return to the show. But before he does, he wants to snipe a little. “I think Simon’s very vain,” says Walsh. “He wears platform shoes, has spray tans, wears make-up and dyes his hair, all in an attempt to look younger.”

What’s more, “Simon also likes to do press ups before he goes on set.”

It’s noting less than a sensation. And Walsh would be well advised to hold his tongue and save any other revelations he may have for a book or a TV expose with Martin Bashir.

We can’t wait to hear what else Walsh has to say.

And wonder if there’s any truth in the suspicions that Sharon Osbourne is as talented as cheese and Westlife, the band Walsh inflicted upon the world, really are the musical equivalent of piles…’

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