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How To Die In The Mail

by | 26th, November 2005



“How mums can pass on stress to children”

“Dentists could dump 8 million NHS patients”


“Like thousands of others, Sally was seduced by the promise of cheap cosmetic surgery in the sun. It left her hideously scarred, in agonising pain – and facing endless operations by British doctors battling to reverse the damage” – Sally Preston, 32, had liposuction in Thailand and lost the feeling in both her legs

“I was a rising tennis star when arthritis struck me down at 17. Now I’ve had nearly every joint in by body replaced.” So says Alice Peterson

“It steals your sight, your speech, your dignity. Why I’m waging war on the merciless brain disease that killed my mother” – Seb Coe fights Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

“Fear of bird flu hits routine jabs” – Panic over bird flu is leading to a run on flu vaccines


“However would they cope if bird flu hit?” “Disastrously”, says Geoffrey Lean of the Government’s plans to combat the pandemic

“Street where drink-fuelled violence may now get worse” – The Mail looks at Nottingham “a city that already epitomises the dangers of a drinking culture rapidly spiralling out of control”

“How your cholesterol can soar when you feel stress”


“Stress in pregnancy ‘lowers a child’s IQ’”

“Today 70,000 pubs, clubs and bars – far more than Labour predicted – can open longer despite dire last-minute warnings from police, doctors and judges”


“Teenagers are ignoring ‘safe sex’ warning”

“STARVATION ON ICE – They look so cuddly but these polar bars are starving, victims of freak weather that’s cut them off from their hunting grounds”

“Killed by toxic shock, the woman trying for IVF baby” – Nicola Ward, 34, was killed by toxic shock. Although an inquest found the cause of the “infection would never be known, husband Mark is “convinced” his wife’s IVF treatment was to blame

“Why I’ve changed my mind about cannabis. Gun crime. Ruined lives. Mental illness. In this extraordinary confession Diane Abbott reveals why she no longer has ‘relaxed attitude’ about marijuana

“Animals disease threat to people ‘will get worse’” – Dr Andrew Cunningham, of the Zoological Society of London, says more and more illnesses are passing to Man from other species’

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