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by | 26th, November 2005

‘THERE’S safety in numbers. That’s why the papers love them. Here are some things we learned last week…

2 – Professor Tim Kuskly of St Louis University says the ocean is reclaiming New Orleans at a rate of two acres an hour

5- A village council in Sultanwala, Pakistan has ruled that five women, all cousins, who refused to honour childhood “marriages” should be abducted, raped or killed

6 – Wayne Rooney spent 6 minutes and 22 seconds in a clandestine meeting with 20-year-old brunette Emily Fountain (Sun)

6- The National Transport Safety Board said one in six truckers suffers from obstructive sleep apnoea, which could make them nod off at the wheel

8 – 700 hundred years ago the average London drank eight pints of beer a day

12 – After 12 years in business, Prince Eddie’s Ardent Productions is to be dissolved

18 – Middlesbrough player Abel Xavier was banned from football for 18 months for failing a drugs test

22 – A study found parents spend £22 a day on raising their children from birth to 21

30 – Samantha Holt, aged 10, has been suspended from school 30 times

40 – Scientists at Uppsala University, the Swedish university of Agricultural Sciences and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences found that the difference between a wolf and a farm dog could come down to as little as 40 genes

98 – A roadside bomb brought the tally of British soldiers killed in Iraq to 98

109 – Alfred Anderson, the last British veteran of the famous 1914 Christmas truce – when German and British troops climbed from their trenches to share cigarettes and play football during the First World War – died

475 – Prince Charles spent £475 on a “Victorian throne seat” toilet after his previous one at Clarence House cracked

1,070 – The RAC’s online route-fining service was directing motorists from the East Midlands to Devon via 1,070 mile trip taking in the Irish Republic and western France

3,500 – Tony and Cherie Blair will send 3,500 Christmas cards – with five variable inserts so no religion if offended

20,000 – Benefits claimant, and dad-of-ten, Mark Corby spent £20,000 of taxpayers’ cash on decoration for the outside for his four-bed semi in Exeter. The show features an illuminated Santa and train on the roof, two 4ft Santas with sleighs, a Santa climbing a ladder, a 4ft Santa with a reindeer, a 3ft snowman, two 4ft shining starts, four trees filled with fairy lights, lights all over the roof and fake frost on the eaves and windows.

320,000 – The House of Commons ran up a £320,000 deficit for its guided tours for

360,000 – The Ministry of Defence spent £360,000 on 139 plasma screens for its revamped London HQ

1,200,000 – Kate Moss scores £1.2million modelling contract with Virgin Mobile

1,400,000 – Britain is Europe’s biggest importer of illegally-logged timber. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the world loses 1.4 million acres of forest a year

1,500,000 – 130 guests , including Sharon Stone, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz saw Christina Aguilera marry music executive Jordan Bratman

6,000,000 – Elton John turned down £6million to have his wedding to David Furnish filmed for TV

23,000,000 – Daniel Radcliff, aka Harry Potter, has racked up a personal fortune of £23m

40,000,000 – The number of people living with HIV worldwide has exceeded 40m for the for the first time, according to the Aids Epidemic Update 2005′

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