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by | 29th, November 2005

‘LOOK at that little boy with his teddy. Ahh. Wonder what he’s saying to his little pal. Let’s listen in.

‘I hate you. You ruined my life. I never asked to be born’

“If you’re not here at break time with the money, crisps scratchcards, I’ll ‘ave yer. I’ll make your life a living hell.”

And that’s just one of the delightful messages little Jakey can deliver to his friends on his new Teddyfone.

It’s the breakthrough in mobile communications Jake has been longing for. Paul Liesching, the managing director of Teddyfone Ltd, is surely right when he says Teddyfone is a response to “clear demand in the market”.

What’s more, Teddy has an SOS button which directly links to mummy’s mobile and a child monitor option allowing concerned parents to listen in to what’s happening around their little soldier.

So press the button and pay attention while Jakey extorts enough money from his classmates to one day buy a proper phone…’

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