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by | 29th, November 2005

‘IMAGINE a world where Freddie and the Dreamers have an airport in Liverpool named after them, where Willie Morgan and Gordon Hill are revered as Manchester United’s greatest-ever wingers, and where the Goodies and the Krankies are regarded as the gold standard of British comedy.

As lame as their act

Ridiculous, you say. That sort of thing could never happen. In which case, how do you explain the inexorable rise of Little Britain?

Of course there’s nothing wrong with being a heavily diluted tenth-rate imitation of other comedy programmes – the Goodies had a successful career as an infants’ version of Monty Python, and the BBC’s new baby Broken News looks like doing the same with its playground version of The Day Today.

In between, there have been dozens of pale imitations and hopeless pretenders, all of whom have been taken to the nation’s heart in the manner of an Eddie the Eagle-style no-hoper.

The important thing is that they had a go, and that’s what we admire.

But surely the Little Britain mania has got a bit out of hand. Today’s papers all feature pictures of LB stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams switching on the Christmas lights at Stella McCartney’s shop, accompanied by the popular American singing artiste Madonna Ritchie.

For the Mirror’s “3am girls”, this means just one thing – not that Stella McCartney and Madonna are reduced to hanging about with TV comedians, but that the Little Britain boys are “officially really, really famous”.

And the 3am girls should know, for they are the arbiters in these matters.

Madonna, the queen of the modern celebrity culture, seems surprisingly happy to play second fiddle to the daffy duo. She is pictured standing respectfully to the side of David and Matt, who are dressed in character as wheelchair-bound Lou and his carer Andy. In another picture she throws back her exquisitely coiffeured locks and roars with delight.

On the other hand, maybe she is screaming for help.

An “onlooker” sets us straight. “It was hilarious,” says the unnamed source. “Stella was in stitches and Madonna was nearly doubled over with laughter. She thinks the boys are hysterical.”

Guess you really had to be there. Well, that’s what they told Madonna.’

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