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Nice One, Son

by | 29th, November 2005

‘WHEN you are graciously ordered to a top PR event, there are certain things you just don’t do. Such as using it as an opportunity to drink large amounts of your host’s champagne and insult the celebrities.

‘Look at them down there, son, running about like insects’

For example, you wouldn’t attend the aforementioned light-switching ceremony at Stella McCartney’s shop and then ask Stella if she owes her exalted position in the celebrity firmament to the fact that she is Paul McCartney’s daughter.

(Note to younger readers: he was in a group a bit like Freddie and the Dreamers, and became famous later when he married a celebrity model.)

Yet that’s what happened at the Bafta Children’s Awards, where Euan Blair presented one of the prizes.

The Mirror’s coverage is mostly concerned with the young man’s hair-do, which it compares to the ill-advised mop that his father sported during his Ugly Rumours days at Oxford “Uni”.

Anorak readers, however, will be more interested in the exchange that is reported at the end of the piece.

“Asked if he was chosen simply because he was the Premier’s son, a Bafta spokeswoman replied: ‘Yes.’”

No mention of Euan’s role as a victim of crime or a champion of good causes. Just a simple “yes”.

We welcome such candidness. But our pleasure was undermined by the picture of young Blair, who seems to be aping his father’s youthful rebelliousness by wearing his top button undone and his tie at half-mast.

Fashion is one thing; scruffiness of any kind is inexcusable.’

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