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How Low Can You Go?

by | 30th, November 2005

‘LIMBO has no place in modern Catholicism. We do not mean limbo the dance – would–be Pope’s may still be selected in the time honoured tradition of who can limbo the lowest.

‘Go Pious, go Pious, go Pious..’

We mean Limbo, that no-angels-land between heaven and hell, the place the souls of children who have not been baptised go when the body dies. A kind of eternal Luton of the soul.

The Times says that theologians are investigating Limbo and searching for a “more coherent and illuminating” doctrine.

Something new and updated is required. Any new doctrine needs to play well with the masses.

As the Telegraph reports, the church is aware of the competition for souls from other missionary religions. As the paper reminds us, Muslims, for example, believe all children go straight to heaven without the need to pass any test.

Although they don’t get the booze and wafers…’

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