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Daddys’ Girl

by | 30th, November 2005

‘SEE dad changing little Armani’s nappy. Look on as he catches up with some other young dads over a mid-morning coffee. Watch dad as he pops a few Valium as he sits slumped in front of Richard & Judy and wonders how a life that promised so much came to so much drudgery.

Makes you sick

That’s the image of the modern dad. But it’s just not true. “Why today’s new father is a myth,” says the Mail. “He gives less time to his children than the men of 40 years ago.”

And this is no mere guesswork. The paper has research to back up its headline, looking to work carried out by the Institute of Education at London University.

Research says that “new dad” is a fantasy. And the richer you are the less time dad has for you. Dads in professional and managerial jobs are less likely to share the burden to raising the children equally with mum than fathers in low-skilled work.

But who needs time? Better jobs mean more money. Dad’s wage packet might not buy her love, but little Armani will at least be able to muddle by with her new pony, her life-sized dolls house and robotic pet dog.

Get a load of Saffron and Aspen Drewitt-Barlow, the pair the Star labels: “THE MOST SPOILT KIDS IN BRITIAN.”

Not only do they have two surnames, but Saffron and Aspen also have two dads, Barrie and Tony who adopted the children five years ago.

In those five years, dad and dad have been showing just how much they love their little darlings by showering them with a torrential downpour of gifts.

The Mail (“Spoilt little Saffron”) pictures the child sat on a bed surrounded by a few of her myriad possessions.

Saffron has a collection of Chloe, Gucci and Versace outfits worth at least £40,000. Saffron has £10,000 worth of designer handbags, 150 pairs of shoes, two diamond necklaces – one cost £6,000 – and a pink diamond. Saffron has everything Saffron wants.

“Any time she wants a Louis Vuitton handbag, I buy it for her,” says Barrie.

That’s just delightful. And we’re sure Saffron appreciates every new present she gets.

Just as much as her dads do…’

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