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Joint Up Government

by | 1st, December 2005

‘HOW much cannabis do you put in a joint? This is not a trick question. Your reply will not be forwarded to the men in wooden hats. It’s just a question.

511 to go

Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, has been talking about how much drugs turn you from a puffer into a dealer.

According to Clarke, you are only a dealer if you have in excess of 4oz of cannabis in your possession – enough for 500 joints.

Indeed, Clarke can be even more precise and, as the Telegraph reports, according to figures produced by the drugs charity Drug Scope, 4 ounces of cannabis resin will get you 512 joints.

That sounds like lot of joints for personal use. But set the threshold too low and everyone becomes a dealer, and the police spend their time trying to find link between the pimply teen with the speck of hash in his hoodie and the Colombian drugs barons.

“Do you know Pablo ‘the Talc’ Cocoa,” asks the cop.

“Er…” replies the stoned yoof. “Have you lost him?”

And another concern must be that dealers will take care not to travel with more than 4 ounces of cannabis on them.

And that the law is prejudiced against users who only get one or two longer joints out of a 4 ounce block…’

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