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Off Your Face

by | 1st, December 2005

‘ACCORDING to the BBC, the American Academy of Dermatology has issued a warning against Botox parties, especially those involving alcohol.


That sounds sensible advice. Injecting botulinum toxin A – a diluted form of a food poison, which blocks nerve signals and causes paralysis – into your face sounds dangerous enough without the adapted turkey baster being wielded by some unqualified drunk.

This is our way of saying “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME”. Cosmetic surgery is best left to the experts. So please do not be inspired to replicate the world’s first face transplant in the confines of your studio flat.

The Mail reports that doctors have given a women savaged by a dog a new nose, lips and chin.

Surgeons in the French town of Amiens replaced the central triangle of the patient’s face with tissue taken from a donor’s face – the donor was brain dead and kept alive long enough for her face to be removed.

At which point we must say that the patient will not now look like the donor. Bone structure plays a key part in dictating the shape of a person’s face and though the flesh is that of another, the form is not.

So buying, say, one of Michael Jackson’s old noses or the discarded features of some other star, and having them grafted into your own face will not necessarily make you look like your idol.

Oh, and the Sun would like any felons looking in to know that unlike the plot in the film Face/Off, you cannot yet swap faces with a crook. Once again, you have been warned.

And having delivered our health warning, we turn to the Sun and over five graphics learn how the operation was done.

It is at once astounding, grotesque and awe-inspiring to know that such a procedure can now be performed – although not by you…’

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