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Murder Burger

by | 1st, December 2005

‘NOW, what’ll it be? You fancy the Lard In A Bun but are a little worried that it’ll will be the last thing you ever eat. The jumbo fat chips are tempting. So too the King Kebab, a dish so greasy it can be slid from moth to stomach whole.

‘It’s off to the salt mines for you, lad.’ ‘Yummy!’

Better perhaps to go for the healthy option. But what’s this? The Sun has seen a report by Which?, the consumer association, that found salads to be full of salt and fat.

Of all the meals tested in Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s by the brave men and women of Which?, the three meal with the most salt were salads.

Apparently, KFC’s Original Chicken Salad contained more salt per portion than a Chicken Fillet and fries. A McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Ranch salad (do Ronald’s chickens really live on a ranch?) was laced with 11.1g of saturated fat per portion, more than half the 20g a day women are advised to eat.

But before you scoff, and get ready to order that burger and fries, the Mail has more news. It too has seen the report, and notes that the Burger King’s chips contain 86 per cent potatoes.

The remainder is not so much a delicious blend of herbs and spices as a concoction of dextrose and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

And that cheese slice that sits so meltingly atop your McDonald’s burger? It’s composite blend of 13 ingredients, including delicious trisodium sulphate, scrumptious diphosphates, yummy sorbic acid and a lipsmacking “mysterious item” called cheese flavouring.

So what’ll it be? Good choice, sir. We’d stick to eating the box it comes in, too…’

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