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by | 2nd, December 2005

‘MARGARET Thatcher’s Finest Hours number 231. After using all her scientific know-how to develop a hairspray that allows her to stick her head out of a tank without fear of showing signs of bounce or softness, Maggie wins a £3billion rebate from the European Union.

There wasn’t even harmony in her hair

But now, as the Times says, Britain is prepared to do a deal on the cashback scheme.

The paper says that if the rebate remains as is, by the end of the next EU budget in 2013 the UK will be second smallest contributor to the EU after Cyprus.

This is surely wonderful news. How clever of us to manoeuvre ourselves into such a position. Well done one and all.

But how you see this news pretty much depends on your view of the EU. If you don’t care much for it, paying less into the pot sounds great. If you love it, then surely the UK, one of the EU’s richest nations, should pay a fair whack.

And since the Government likes Europe, the Times says the rebate is up for debate. We need to pay more in.

Over in the Telegraph, Tony Blair, in Kiev for an EU-Ukraine summit, says: “We need to be in a position where there is rough parity on a national income basis between Britain and like-sized countries at the end of any budget deal.”

Which is surely why the rebate was created? N’est pas?’

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