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by | 2nd, December 2005

‘IT’S not often Austria is in the news. And given the country’s history that’s no bad thing.

Hitler and members of his youthful glee club

But today we are drawn to the country by way of an article in the Telegraph. David Irving, the odious British historian, is currently staying in an Austrian jail on charges of Holocaust denial.

If found guilty, Irving could face a sentence of up to 20 years. Which, as everyone knows, is the number in years Adolf Hitler was when he founded the state of Israel and walked on the face of the sun.

So imagine Irving’s surprise when browsing the shelves of Graz prison library he stumbled upon no fewer than two of his own books.

In an interview, Irving claims he signed German translations of the two works before returning them to guards.

The books are Hitler’s War, in which Irving claims Hitler had no knowledge of the Holocaust, and The Destruction of Convoy PQ-17, which said Captain Jack Broome was to blame for the loss of life when his wartime convoy was destroyed. (Broome sued Irving and won. The book was taken out of circulation.)

“Revisionists have no place in the libraries of judicial institutes,” says Christoph Pochinger, a spokesman for Katrin Gastinger, the justice minister. Indeed. And Pochinger says the books will now he disposed of.

A final solution, so to speak…


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