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The Weakest Act

by | 2nd, December 2005

‘WHEN the girlish Anne Robinson looked at the Welsh and asked “What are they for?” a nation looked to itself.


The proud country that gave the world Max Boyce, Neil Kinnock and Robbie Savage would prove to Robinson that they are anything but ‘irritating and annoying”.

Why, was not Lisa Scott Lee born in the northern Welsh town of St. Asaph? She’d go on Robinson’s The Weakest Link show and teach that patronising English grill-head a thing or two.

So there she was on the show. And the Sun was watching as Robinson greeted multi-talented singer-dancer-singer-dancer Lisa in her customary charmless fashion.

Robinson asked Lisa about her failed pop career – “When are you going to give up, Lisa?”

At which point Lisa began to cry. She couldn’t take it. She walked off. She then returned to bravely complete the stint on the show before, as a source tells the paper, bursting into tears again.

But Robinson’s point was not meant to hurt. It was surely a response to Lisa’s own vow that if her single Get It On failed to make the Top Ten, she’d quit. The single reached No.23, a number not between one and ten.

So will Lisa quit? If she’s promised to, for the sake of her honour, she must. She wouldn’t want Robinson to think the Welsh were all, well, welshers…’

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