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Number’s Up For The Beast

by | 2nd, December 2005

‘IF Anne Robinson does ever venture into Wales, the locals could do worse then direct her to the village of Baglan, near Swansea.


As the Mail reports, the hunt is on for a mysterious beast that has already savaged sheep and a goat, and may just go for a small TV presenter.

And it does exist. The local police have performed DNA tests on hairs fond in a plaster cast of the creature’s footprint.

And Superintendent Chris Flier can now confirm that the beast is nothing less than a puma.

Flier wants his men to capture it and take it to a big cat sanctuary.

But how do you capture such a thing? A trap needs to be set. Bring in the bait. Robinson’s the weakest link in the plan, but if the cat is hungry enough, it might just work…’

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