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Girls Girls Girls For Jesus

by | 5th, December 2005

‘“WHAT’LL it be, gorgeous?” asks the leggy stripper to the besuited and booted desperado in the chair?

Let he who is without sin push loose change down their knickers

“Have you ever considered the Church?” asks the man who’s paid for a private dance from Nikki. The dancer thinks for a moment. “I’ve got a nun’s outfit,” she replies. “And this one time a vicar came in and…”

The man stops her there. He’s a member of JC’s Girls, a group that tours the strip clubs of California in a bid to encourage them to attend church.

As the Telegraph says, the group was founded by Heather Veitch, a remarkably blonde former stripper who is photographed lying back with a Bible resting on her legs. Says she: “It’s not a sin to be attractive or dress cute.”

And while the Virgin Mary slips into a thong and a baby doll nightie, and the local padre steps into his posing pouch, Mrs Veitch says that hers is an evangelising mission.

She says the dancers have been responsive to her call. The girls are really, really, really interested, but their bosses are watching and if Mrs Veitch wants to say more she’ll have to buy a bottle of champagne.

It’s what Jesus would have wanted…’

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