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by | 5th, December 2005

‘YOU, see, the risk is that like Princess Diana, George Best will never be allowed to go away.

Di looks to the heavenly sixth floor

Having built up our heroes, we are loath to see them go. Whether this stems from a collective inability to grasp the concept of death or a fear that the lionised are irreplaceable, we can’t be certain.

But even in death, we keep their names alive. Just look at the Express’s front-page headline: “DIANA’S DEATH THREAT.”

A death threat against our Diana? Never! What hideous thing is this? Who could plot against our dear Princess of Hearts?

But hold on. Isn’t she already dead, gone to the sixth floor at Harvey Nichols? Is some nefarious force at work that would see her die not once but twice?

This story stems from a report made by Simone Simmons, Diana’s therapist. She says a politician warned Diana “accidents can happen”. That was three months before her death.

And this leads to the headline inside the paper: “Diana knew she was going to die.”

Not that she ever did. Her name and library of photos live on in the Express for all eternity…’

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