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by | 6th, December 2005

‘AMAZING, we know, but the news is that Britney Spears’s marriage to Kevin Federline is on the rocks.

Rat fans

Who would have ever predicted that the multi-millionaire singer’s relationship with the ferret-faced dancer who left his pregnant girlfriend to be with the star would falter?

But the world of showbusiness is a strange and magical place. And so it is that the Sun brings news that the pop tart has “snubbed” the “money-grabbing loser”.

The story begins as Britney kicks Kevin out of their Malibu home after he apparently let one his friends smoke dope in the house.

She then had the £100,000 Ferrari she’d bought him towed away. And exchanged her diamond wedding ring for one showing a skull and crossbones.

And as the car slunk down the driveway, Britney hopped into a vehicle of her own and jetted off to the Billboard awards in Las Vegas.

What could Kevin do other than give chase? Like a small rodent scampering along a drainpipe he pursued Britney.

And when he caught up with her, he asked for her to get back with him. He then asked: “Can I at least have my car back?”

Britney’s answer is not given, leaving us to guess what was said. Although it is unlikely to have been along the lines of “Okay, honey”.

Which leaves Britney seeking to annul their marriage. And alone in Las Vegas. Although, given her track record (remember her 55-hour marriage to Jason Alexander?), for how long..?’

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