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by | 6th, December 2005

‘MUCH to our disappointment, Vomit In Sock has failed to win this year’s Turner Prize.

But is it a shed?

But being edgy and challenging artists of a rare sort we have already undertaken our next project: Tears Of Dejection, 25,000 salty tears, each tear representing a single perfectly formed pound on the winner’s cheque.

But you want to know who did win this year’s award. As the Times says, his name’s Simon Starling, and his installation, Shedboatshed, is a triumph.

Starling claims the wooden shed was dismantled, turned into a boat and then back into a shed. If he could incorporate some shelves, the piece could form an integral part of Homebase’s new spring catalogue.

Charles Thomson, a Stuckist who campaigns for traditional art, says the award should be renamed the “B&Q DIY Prize”. “It’s the sort of thing I had to do when I was in the Scouts,” says he. “Starling should get his Craft badge, 1st class, but not the Turner Prize.”

Nor that cheque. Which can be turned into a paper airplane, a ball or a papier maché version of Michelangelo’s David…’

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