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Salad Days

by | 7th, December 2005

‘WE may never know what Wayne Rooney got up to with the brunette in the kitchen of an Altrincham nightspot..

‘Does the lettuce come in black?’

All we know is that the omelette the pair made, or whatever it was they got up to, forms part of the rich fabric of the la vida Rooney.

As does the news in the Sun that Rooney has made it into the Football Rich List top 20.

Despite the best efforts of his girlfriend Coleen McLoughlin to spend it faster than her man can make it, Rooney is worth an estimated £8million.

How the football magazine that reported this news knows how much cash Rooney owns is not said. The Sun just gives us the apparent fact.

And then hears from the aforesaid Coleen. She tells us that Wayne loves lettuce.

On a day of revelations, this is surely the most sensational. And while we digest its importance, Coleen puts down her shopping bags long enough to tell all.

“They all say Wayne’s a big fat person and eats burgers every day, which he’s not,” says Coleen. She continues: “His favourite food is lettuce. He loves salad.”

No wonder he’s still rich. Salad is cheap, even if it is stuck between two pieces of bread and sat atop a huge steaming meat patty…’

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