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The Queen’s Speech

by | 7th, December 2005

‘THERE now follows an apology from the Queen..

Carol and her thatch

“I apologise to the nation. I was tired and jet-lagged, but the toilet was too far away. I just did what came naturally to a camper.”

What’s this? Since when did Her Majesty go camping? More to the point, since when did Queen Liz start going to the toilet? This is too, too much.

But don’t worry. This is Queen Carol Thatcher, the so-called Queen of the Jungle, talking about her experiences on TV’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!”

Thatch, who earned her nickname in an all-too-obvious way, is keen to apologise for her indiscretion in the celebrity camp.

And the Sun is keen to hear from the Queen Mum, the rusting Iron Lady. “I watched the whole of the last episode,” says Maggie Thatch, “and am absolutely thrilled and very proud of my daughter. She has kept up the Thatcher tradition of winning.”

And just as soon as Carol’s winner brother Mark has driven the Queen home, Maggie will doubtless tell her daughter to her face…’

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