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Flash Photography

by | 9th, December 2005

‘CHANCES are that while you’re reading this you are being surveyed by a secret CCTV camera. Don’t look – it will only make you appear as if you’re trying to hide something. Act natural.

The camera never lies

Cameras are everywhere. As the Sun reminds rail employees, they can even be found in phones.

Following the story of the train drivers who flash their colleagues as they zoom along the tracks at high speed is the tale of the driver who went the extra miles and had sex in his cab.

A 53-second video taken on a mobile phone shows the unnamed driver in the company of a woman. What happens next is not revealed in the paper, the footage being too steamy for readers.

But it is nothing short of shocking. It truly is incredible the length some passengers are forced to go to in order to get a seat on a train.

But this is not all. Staying with the theme of being caught on camera, the Express sees the dumbest joyriders is Britain showing the speed camera their best and worst sides.

Taken in the Bournemouth area, the picture shows three youths turning to the camera and smiling broadly as their speeding vehicle triggers the flash.

To negate the effects of glass distortion, the youth in the passenger seat thoughtfully pokes his head out of the window and give the camera a hearty thumbs up.

As PC Robin Ellis of Bournemouth Police says, “to have all three of them turn to the camera at the same time is incredible and very lucky for us.”

And something the rapscallions’ mothers can stick in a frame…’

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