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Air To The Throne

by | 9th, December 2005

‘PRINCE William really is a chip of the old Windsor block. He’s blessed with his mother’s height, his father’s teeth and Uncle Andrew’s travel plans.

Andrew prepares for a dash to the toilet

There’s Wills on the front page of the Sun (“ROYAL AIR FARCE”), helmet on, strapped into the cockpit of an RAF fighter jet and raring to go.

And he’d best hurry. Wills is booked into Sandhurst next month and he needs to pick up his new Army boots pronto. So here he is ready to make the journey from RAF Valley, North Wales, where he’s been on work experience, to RAF Lyneham, near his father’s Highgrove estate.

All things being equal, the 245-mile journey should take just 30 minutes in a Hawk trainer aircraft. Much better than five hours in the Rolls.

And – great news – the trip, which the Mail estimates cost £20,000 and the Sun prices at £10,000, was a success. Wills has his boots.

As a Clarence House spokesman explains in the Mail: “The RAF were keen that he had a programme that familiarised him with the full range of work that they do.”

It was indeed vitally important that Wills should know that as well as fighting wars and putting on displays, the RAF acts as a kind of high-speed mini cab service, albeit without the Magic Tree hanging from a rear view window.

And do not doubt for a moment that William’s boots are important and worth the cash. As the Sun says, Prince Harry failed to pick up his Army boots promptly and unable to wear them in was struck down with foot blisters.

Making it necessary for Harry to get around in a private helicopter until the wounds heeled…’

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