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Seven Times Unlucky

by | 10th, December 2005

‘THERE’S safety in numbers. That’s why the papers love them. Here are some things we learned last week…

7 – An illegal immigrant has been sent away by UK immigrations officials seven times

15 – Ludicrous X Factor wannabe Chico Slimani says before he found God he used to sleep with 15 women at a time

18 – The Government looked into raising the legal age of buying cigarettes to 18

20 – If awarded the first of his Liverpool side three goals against Wigan, Peter Crouch will have taken 20 hours and 25 minutes of football to score for his club

120 – The new King Kong film used 120 miniature scale trees and 104,000 pieces of foliage

174.2 – The average private car sold last year produced 174.2 grams of carbon dioxide, up from 173.6g/km in 2003

196 – A study by Woolworths found parents spend nearly £196 more on Christmas presents for their sons than their daughters

2036 – In 2036, should a 390-metre wide asteroid named Apophois pass through a keyhole in space, it will collide with Earth

5,070 – Essex Police force tore up all 5,070 speeding ticket issued to its officers. The force claims the tickets were earned in the line of duty – all of them!

8,800 – The world’s first Christmas card, commissioned by Sir Henry Cole in 1843, was sold to Jakki Brown, general secretary for the Greeting Card Association, for £8,800

20,000 – A 245-mile flight taking Prince William to pick up a pair of new Army boots cost 20,000 (Mail) or £10,000 (Sun)

100,000 – Princess Diana’s spare wedding gown sold at auction for £100,000 to a private collector in the US

102,000 – Michael Owen’s £102,000 a week pay packet makes him the highest paid footballer in the Premier League

500,000 – Express reports on rumours that the director of a Premier League football club won £500,000 on a bet that Harry Redknapp would become manager of Portsmouth FC

2 billion – Researchers at Brunel University says £2bn worth of presents will be binned, given to charity or resold on the web’

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