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Seeing Red (Necks)

by | 12th, December 2005

‘A JEALOUS look now at that laidback life Down Under.

‘Ruddy foreigners’

Hold in your mind’s eye the image of Christmas on the beach in Sydney, picking over the bones of a stuffed, barbecued turkey and chucking back a few cold ones. Life is easy. Life is good.

Now let you mind wander to the sight of 5,000 slavering white specimens of Australian man and womanhood marauding up the beach on the lookout for anyone vaguely of Middle Eastern appearance.

In short, anyone without a red neck.

The Times says that the mob descended on Sydney’s Cronulla Beach, shouting racial slurs, wielding beer bottles and banging on about “100 per cent Aussie pride”.

Angry at an attack on two lifeguards by a gang of Lebanese youths, the locals ran amuck. “No more Lebs [Lebanese]” they chanted. As one white yoof explained by way of letters printed on his back: “We grew up here, you flew here.”

Although some of the Lebanese residents may have arrived by boat – like those patriotic invading whites of yore…’

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