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by | 13th, December 2005

‘WHEN we watched Cherie Blair on TV showing us around No. 10, using the power of the magic box to tell us how hard it is to live in the public gaze with cameras stuck in your face, we had an idea why she was doing it.

The dream team

Cherie, an intelligent, able and opinionated woman, as integral a part of the New Labour project as Tony’s grin and sweaty armpits, is perhaps readying herself for the day when she becomes Prime Minister.

It’s a line of thinking that makes us wonder why Victoria Beckham is once more on the cover of OK talking candidly about her “NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE”, “GETTING DRUNK” and how too much airbrushing cam make you look out of this world, like an alien.

Ok, the third point is not raised, it being something OK! will not address, preferring to let the readers look at the cover picture of Vicky and her remarkably flawless complexion and draw their own conclusions on it – and lines, moustaches and spots.

But why does Vicky do it? Could it be that she is ready to take over from husband Day-vid when he hangs up his boots? If Hillary Clinton can dream of being President of the United States, why can’t Vicky rise to be captain of the England football team?

Surely this is why she wants to talk about getting drunk. Isn’t that what footballer’s do. And what of that near-death experience? Was it behind the wheel of a big new Lincoln Navigator after a boozy night out with the lads?

Vicky explains. “It was a really hot day and you know when you really need a drink you don’t sip it, you glug it down without tasting it.” For sure. Just ask any footballer.

“Well, I saw a mug of liquid on the side and drank the whole thing down before I realised it was a cup of pure bleach. Suddenly I couldn’t breath.”

Luckily, Vicky’s mum was in the garden. She took Vicky to the hospital and “everything was okay”.

It’s a pretty long anecdote for Posh, and one that, if properly worked, could form part of an inspirational half-time team talk, a reminder that life is a game of two halves, and that cleaning fluids can play havoc with your singing voice.

But more important than all that is Vicky’s image. “Even now I look in the mirror and sometimes hate the way I look,” says she.

That’s something Vicky’ll need to address when she meets with Real Madrid to negotiate her image rights…’

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