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The Good Do

by | 13th, December 2005

‘IN the land of the celebrity, charity does not begin at home. Charity begins in the white heat of the paparazzo’s flash bulb as the great and good trot up to some function in aid of such and such orphans is such and such awful place.

Kler sees if she can fit under a desk

Charity is about things like the St Petersburg Charity Ball, where an “all-star crowd” raised over £12million for needy people.

Join us now at the Great Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Russia for “free-flowing” champagne and the finest caviar.

“The fact that a light snow fell gently throughout the night was simply the icing on the cake,” says OK! – and a gigantic cake it must have been.

The do has been organised by Richard Caring, a suitable name indeed for someone such as he.

But who else is there? Well, everybody. And anybody. This is the do where Cilla Black can cosy up with Cliff Richard, dressed for the occasion like a little drummer boy. (The military outfits were lent to the male guests and Cliff by the Hermitage Museum.)

And Elizabeth Hurley can do her bit for good causes by selflessly pulling her body into a few hundred yards of frothy silk and lace.

And where Bill Clinton can break heavy black bread with Claire Sweeney. And Peter Stringfellow can breathe in the same heady air as Tina Turner, Ross Kemp and Bob Geldof.

And where someone called Lisa B can complains of feeling a “little fragile”, but still muster the energy to pop along to the do and show OK! a picture of her baby son. “He’s absolutely gorgeous,” says Lisa, as if we needed any telling.

And here’s Kler Sweeney. “I’m made up! I met President Clinton!,” says Kler. We chatted for quite a bit and I had my picture taken with him. If I die now, I’ll die happy.”

Happy. And so very worthy…’

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