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Going To The Dogs

by | 15th, December 2005

‘SEE the asylum seekers standing on the beaches of Normandy, waiting for a favourable current to float them and their li-los and rubber rings to Blighty’s safe waters.

Release all Iraqi captives or the dog gets it

“We’re being overrun,” say anachronistic voices in the papers. “Bogus!”” scream the MPs. “They’ll eat our children and steal our way of life just as soon as look at us,” says the benefits cheat breakfasting on alcopops.

But now give the new arrival a wet nose, a pair of dark, appealing eyes and cock his head to one side al la Princess Diana. Isn’t he sweet? Let’s let the little doggie-woggie in.

But what’s this? As the Mirror’s front page says: “THE DOG THAT NEEDS £1,000..OR HE’LL BE DEAD BY CHRSITMAS.”

Say it isn’t true! Has a foreign dog been kidnapped by a shadowy gang, who now threaten to eat their captive for Christmas lunch?

“LET LUCKY LIVE,” pleads the Mirror inside the paper. “Appeal to stop ferry pup being put down.”

The story goes like this. Lucky was discovered in November, locked in a van on a ferry sailing from Santander in Spain to Plymouth.

Cornered, the owner left the dog. Lucky was abandoned. The nine-month-old black and tan collie was taken to kennels in Devon. And now unless someone coughs up the £1,000 fee for his bed and board he’s going to be executed by the state.

Sam Willis, who’s looking after Lucky now, says he can’t afford the bill. “But I can’t sit back and see an innocent dog lose his life because of his irresponsible owner.”

So unless the money is found, Lucky will be offed like a bird with the flu. Or sent back from whence he came…’

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