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Jesus H Webb

by | 15th, December 2005

‘“IF Jesus was PM, we’d have no problems whatsoever.” So says Cliff Richard, thinker, diplomat and leather-trousered 65-year-old.

So much for foot and mouth

And he’s right. If Jesus were our leader, the drinking laws would be a doddle – at chucking out time the wine would be turned back to water.

The NHS would be sorted as Jesus cured patients with alternative therapies, like inviting the lame to touch the hem of his doctor’s coat. And children would be eating more fresh fish.

But we don’t have Jesus to lead us. Although we do have a close approximation. He’s called Tony Blair. And, like Jesus, Tony is a good buddy of Sir Cliff’s.

But what do Cliff and Tony talk about when they’re together? When they’ve laid their acoustic guitars down on the Caribbean sands and removed their sandals and white socks, what do Cliff and Tony discuss?

Cliff tells the Mirror that he’s forever talking about God, while Tony likes talking about rock ‘n’ roll. Which suggests a possible change of direction for both men, a role reversal.

How long before Tony becomes the new Peter Pan of Pop and Cliff moves into No.10. And how long before anyone notices..?’

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