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by | 15th, December 2005

‘LET no-one doubt that Victoria and Day-vid Beckham are rock solid.

Nothing to see here, Day-vid

So secure are they together that neither of them dignified those sordid stories about Dayve’s alleged affair with Rebecca Loos with a court case.

When Malaysian-born Australian model Sarah Marbeck claimed that she had slept with Day-vid, the footballer dismissed the allegation as ‘ludicrous’.

The Beckhams, ever low-key, would not be dragged into an unseemly war of words. Their private lives are not something to be debated in public.

But even the most stoic of individuals has a breaking point. And, as today’s story suggests, Posh has reached hers. As the Mirror says on it front page: “POSH OFF!”

The Mirror says Vicky has warned 50-year-old Ana Obregon to stay away from Day-vid.

The Sun says that as the women passed each other in the corridor of Madrid’s Zargos sports club, words were exchanged.

As a source says: “They were screaming at each other. It wasn’t pretty. Luckily it didn’t come to blows.”

Yeah, really lucky. How we’d have hated to have learnt that Posh had been involved in a scrap with another woman.

But in the course of the meeting, things were said. Posh is reported to have called Obregon “a piece of s***” and ordered her to “leave my husband alone”.

But why should Posh worry? After all, Dayve would never cheat on her. Would he..?’

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