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Browned Off

by | 17th, December 2005



“Two images that prove brain damage caused by cannabis” – Researchers in the US notice that the type of damage in cannabis smokers brains was similar to that seen in schizophrenics

“TERRIBLE LEGACY WILL LAST YEARS” – Geoffrey Lean writes of the oil depot fire in Buncefield: “The initial official assurances that the black cloud belching out of Buncefield fuel depot is not toxic should be taken with a large pinch of chemically contaminated salt”

“Dieters ‘have slim chance of happiness’” – Research at Bristol University says 3,000 individuals who committed suicide had a BMI significantly lower than those subjects who did not kill themselves

“Cash crisis delays war on superbug” – “Extra funding to help fight hospital superbugs, cancer and bird flu has been put on hold because of the cash crisis gripping the Health Service”

“Trauma of abortion can last five years” – So says study carried out at the University of Ohio

“Warning over taking the ‘happy pill’ in pregnancy” – Study says women using the Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy have a 40 per cent greater risk of the baby suffering “malformation”


“Cold and tumours link” – Scientists at Newcastle University says colds and minor ailments may leave children more susceptible to cancers

“Day-case patients must pay for drugs”

“A DEADLY SHAMBLES – After a bungled phone diagnosis cost a baby’s life, one angry GP warns that Labour’s shake-up of out-of-hours care is putting EVERYONE at risk”


“160,000 victims of hepatitis C are in the dark” – A report by the Health Protection Agency says five out of six carriers of the disease are unaware of their condition

“Children of 11 risk cancer on the sunbed” – Study on Merseyside found 8 per cent of 11 and 12 year olds regularly use sunbeds


“How two-thirds of hospitals are failing the cleanliness test” – Independent Healthcare Commission says only 33 of 99 hospitals checked in England achieved highest standards of cleanliness across the board

“Private care puts NHS patients ‘at risk’” – Private hospitals accused of performing only the cheaper operations, redirecting income for routine work away from the NHS

“The agony of being an abandoned baby (And why it‘s happening more and more)”


“Cocaine UK” – A team from ITN news tests 104 venues for traces of cocaine – 72 came back positive

“The hospital told us our baby had tonsillitis. Four hours late he died” – Medics failed to notice that eight-month-old Albie Jago had meningitis’

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