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Help For Bratz

by | 19th, December 2005

‘If it’s not provocative dolls sexualising our youth, it’s the pre-teen Jimmy Choo Juniors and addiction to alcopops making our girls old before their time.

But the ardent desire to grow up also brings stress. Stress is very grown-up. Adults worry about their jobs, raising their kids and the state of the nation. But our kiddiewinks feel stress too.

But now there’s an alternative to sending little Armani to a psychiatrist to get in touch with her inner child. There’s a new self-help book for pre-teens.

Called Help, Hope and Happiness, the book is the work of Libby Rees, a 10-year-old girl who, in learning to cope with her parents’ divorce, put her thoughts down on paper.

As Libby’s mother, Kathryn Loughnan, explains: ‘We had been out for a walk in the forest and she was just saying that every time she threw a stick for the dog she was throwing something away that irritated her.’

Profound thoughts for one so young, I’m sure you’ll agree. Wonderful indeed that ideas and musings routinely associated with day-time TV confessionals should surface in little Libby.

But while TV executives race to sign her up as a Vanessa Feltz for the Bratz generation, we give you a sneak preview of Libby’s bon mots. Her top tips to beat the blues include: ‘Enjoy a favourite film or book. This will give you valuable time off from worrying.’

Or how about: ‘Try looking in the mirror, first thing in the morning and say out loud to yourself ‘I am better and better every day!’ five times.’ Singing into your hairbrush as you dance to a pop song is soooo last year.

And let it all out. ‘Scream, shout, stamp your feet, whatever you feel like doing. This physical activity will help you release all the anger inside.’ And in so doing enlighten and thrill other shoppers in the supermarket.

And if you want to feel really great, just rehash the psychobabble aimed at adults into a book for kids. Then weep…’

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