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Toga Party

by | 20th, December 2005

‘YESTERDAY we reminded you that if supermarket shopping for turkey is too tame, you can go hunting with guns for a duck or a polar bear to roast and stuff for your Christmas lunch.

‘What’s black and white and red all over? An undercooked penguin’

Our taste buds are getting ever more adventurous. And now we read in the Sun of the thieves (surely hunters) who have stolen a penguin chick from the Isle of White’s Amazon World Zoo Park.

The crooks have been warned that if Toga the black-footed penguin is not reunited with his mother he will die.

In the Mail, zoo owner Derek Curtis says that he believes the theft is linked to the hit documentary movie March of the Penguins.

As he says: “I think what happened is somebody has said ‘I would like a penguin for Christmas’ and someone has stolen it. Nothing looks nicer than a cuddly penguin.”

If Curtis is right, then the penguin is right now being wrapped in Christmas paper and stuck under a tree.

But we offer an alternative explanation – Toga is on the menu.

And, if that is the case, we’d just like to add that the bird – which stands 12ins tall and weighs 10lbs – should take around 3 hours to cook in a moderately hot over, and another half an hour if stuffed with sardines…’

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