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Boxing Clever

by | 28th, December 2005

‘WHAT if you’ve only got a single-bar fire and those presents won’t burn? What to do?

You could bury them in a shallow grave in Epping Forest, or wrap that Harry Potter-type new scarf around the penguin chick Uncle Dave gave you.

And you might like to wonder why you don’t like the gift? Is a CD of Cliff Sings Kylie really so very bad? Can’t you learn to live with that knitted Victoria Beckham bedspread?

Or do you associate the present with the giver? Do you not like the gift because you can’t stand the person who gave it to you?

If so, the Mirror has some advice. When a 49-year-old woman from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, was given a present by an older male relative she didn’t like, she didn’t even open the box.

Instead, the woman’s husband, known as Maurice, placed the unopened box for sale on an Internet auction site.

So far 21 bidders have been seduced by the chance to get their hands on yet another unwanted Christmas present.

As Maurice says: “We don’t know what is inside, but it does not rattle, so we do not think it is a box of sweets.”

Nor a penguin…’

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