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by | 28th, December 2005

‘“ANY 20 year-old who isn’t a liberal doesn’t have a heart, and any 40 year-old who isn’t a conservative doesn’t have a brain.” Winston Churchill said that.

And at first glance it appears Bob Geldof agrees. Yes, that Bob Geldof, the free swearing, pocket digging, tin jangling champion of the poor and hungry.

As the Times reports (“Thatcher-basher Geldof advises Cameron’s team”), Geldof is to act as an unpaid adviser on global poverty relief for the Conservative Party.

The Independent says this move is an attempt by new party leader David Cameron to steer the Tories towards ‘caring Conservatism’, what the Times calls the “new light blue Conservative Party”.

But this is not to say Geldof has joined the Tories. As a spokesman for the UN World Hunger Award winner says: “His view is that this should be above politics — it is politically very important but should not be a political football.”

The Downing Street insider who tells the Times that Geldof seems to be acting “like a good civil servant”, staying in touch with both Tony Blair and the Opposition, makes a good point.

But this is political. Everything politicians do is political. Geldof might not want to be in favour of the right or the left, but in lending his help to the Tories he has surely aided their cause to look like a party that’s hot on social issues.

As Cameron says: “I am delighted that Bob Geldof, though remaining entirely non-partisan, has agreed to work in consultation with the group. He will bring his influence to bear, in order to help us to go in the direction that he and we both want to go.’

And that direction would be towards No.10 Downing Street…’

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